Frequently Asked Questions


1 - Can I upload my photo directly from my camera?


You can in most cases connect your camera to your computer and use 'browse' to view your photos and select one. Another option is to copy your photo to the My Pictures folder, or any other folder, on your computer. Most laptop computers also have a flash card slot for your camera's memory card, allowing you to browse the photos on that card and upload one.


2 - Can I take the picture using my mobile phone?


If the camera on your mobile phone has sufficient resolution, you certainly can. We recommend a minimum resolution of 2 megapixels.


3 - Why do you advise against using flash?


Using Flash is likely to create shadows in the background, which will probably lead to rejection of your passport photo. Another reason is that using flash often leads to red eyes, which is also unacceptable. In any case, photos without flash provide for a much more natural looking facial image.


4 - Can I print the passport photos as many times as I want?


Yes, but bear in mind that institutions and organisations often require a recent photo (not over six months old).


5 - Should I print the passport photos on photo paper?


Yes, you should always print passport photos on photo quality paper. Always choose glossy photo paper, unless you are printing Canadian Photos and follow the specifications of the manufacturer of your printer.


6 - Can I also have the photos printed at a photographic retailer?


Of course you can. You can copy the photos to a memory stick and have them printed from there. Or you can email the photos to an online photo printing service and have them sent back to you.


7 - What are the ways to pay for an official passport photo?


You can pay your passport photo with Mastercard, Visa or your Paypal account.


8 - How much does a passport photo cost that I receive by e-mail?


A passport photo that you receive by e-mail costs £ 1,50. You can print your passport photo unrestricted.


9 - When do I receive my passport photo?


The passport photo can be dowloaded immediately and will be sent by e-mail


10 - What are the dimensions of a passport photo?


Depending on which country you choose, dimensions will often be different. The passport photo`s for the UK have a size of 3.5 cm by 4.5 cm. The passport photo can immediately be printed in color on high-quality photograph paper on a divisions size of 10X15 cm.


11 - Do you need a passport photo in an other country?


We cover for countries worldwide, please see our drop down menu on the order form.

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